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PHC Service and Validation

As one of the world’s most important producers and suppliers of highquality laboratory equipment, PHC contributes to advancing life science. Alongside high-quality products, we offer service and advice, including validation and certification. The world of science progresses continually, which means that most scientific equipment is required to work 24/7. With the cultivation and protection of valuable or even irreplaceable samples its priority, your equipment needs to achieve optimal and continuous performance under fluctuating workloads, remain secure in the face of changing demands and threats, and meet the rigorous demands of laboratory regulations. It also needs to be safe and efficient for its users. Regular testing and validation are essential.

Our Services

Our service network can ensure that you can test and validate your hardware and software on a regular basis, with minimal disruption to your existing systems and daily operations. Our engineers can certify your product for use through instrument hardware validation. And we also offer preventative maintenance services. We can work with you to identify and resolve issues and risks quickly and efficiently. Our service network is always close-at-hand.

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We have developed a service package that includes testing to the highest regulatory standards and includes:

1. Certified parts

We use authentic original PHCbi parts in any maintenance and repair.

2. Planned maintenance

Regular scheduled maintenance extends the lifetime of your equipment, maximizes uptime and performance, and reduces the risks of issues developing. With our expertise we offer a pro-active maintenance service that brings added peace of mind.

3. Upgrades

Improving product performance is a continuous process. We provide performance enhancing upgrades where possible.

4. Spot-on calibration

Accuracy is crucial in experimental parameters and storage of samples. We carry out calibration adjustment during preventative maintenance visits for all our heated products and unloaded cooled products to ensure that your equipment provides the right conditions for your applications.

5. Personal support

Our first line of support can provide you with direct access to engineering and application experts, who can help you via phone, email, virtual remote assistance, or onsite visit to guide you through the issue and/or find the optimum solution. Our service engineers know your site and its equipment, as well as you, your team, and its needs.

6. Compliance

To assist you in meeting GPL, ISO 9001, FDA, and other regulatory compliance guidelines, We offer a comprehensive certification service (IQ/OQ), including all necessary documentation.

7. Training

You can also train with us to ensure that you understand the techniques involved in maintaining, troubleshooting, or repairing our products.

We help you to protect your results!

Regular maintenance and inspection is important for properly functioning technical installations. You have already decided to use PHCbi equipment, which is characterized by the highest quality and reliability. However, when it comes to the technical support of this equipment, our service, dedication and customer friendliness are just as high.


At a time when it has become even more important than ever to provide the right environment for scientists to progress their research without any delays, PHC Europe’s validation service has become an essential in lab management today