Monitor your cells in situ

Why monitor in situ?

Your cell cultures can be significantly affected and react even to the smallest of changes in their environment. These changes can be reflected on their phenotype and heavily impact the outcome of your experiment. You can avoid removing your cell cultures from their ideal environment with the combination of the Nikon BioStudio-T with the PHCbi CO2 Incubators. You can observe your cell cultures as well as utilize the built in AI-based software to monitor cells‘ health status.

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An integration-ready cell observation microscope
You can fit it inside most incubators and it‘s resistant to a variety of sterilization. Most incubators can accommodate it, and it is resistant to a number of sterilising procedures, including vaporised H2O2. This portable live-cell imaging microscope is an excellent choice for cell manufacturing facilities.

Cell Observation System

The BioStudio-T offers:

  • Vibration-free time lapse observation

  • Large image stitching

  • Waterproof and resistance to various decontamination/sterilization methods such as H2O2, UV and formalin

  • Ideal for installation in incubators and biosafety cabinets

  • Easy to operate

The IncuSafe Advantage

Optimising cell culture outcomes and reproducibility.
Combining advanced technology, unique design features and high-quality engineering, IncuSafe Incubators offer the most precise and regulated environment for cell culture. Providing outstanding performance and flexibility, this innovative range of incubators enables you to optimise results and reproducibility.

H2O2 Decontamination Technology

When additional sterilisation is required to complement background decontamination within the IncuSafe Incubators, PHC offers a timesaving sterilisation method.

The unique H2O2 Decontamination system delivers fast and valid table decontamination. The high-speed decontamination system uses vaporised hydrogen peroxide and UV light. It cleans the chamber of the incubator safely in less than three hours, achieving a minimal 6 log reduction of major contaminants.

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