VIP ULT freezers (-86°C)

Compact Footprint

Our VIP ULT Freezer is specially designed to achieve and maintain temperatures down to -80°C for the storage of valuable biological samples. They feature specialist VIP insulation and are designed to reduce energy consumption and optimize footprint.

It is ideal for sample storage in repositories, hospitals, clinics, and medical research facilities. Biological materials must be kept safe under specific conditions, as they are valuable, unique, and often irreplaceable. They can play a key role in scientific breakthroughs, not just for today, but also in tomorrow’s research.

Our VIP ULT Freezer is well-established and well-respected products in the world of life sciences. They are renowned for their accuracy, reliability, stability, as well as their energy efficiency.

PHCbi was the first company in the world to introduce vacuum insulation panels to ULT Freezers. Our patented VIP vacuum insulation provides outstanding insulation and yields more interior storage volume in a conventional freezer footprint.

The construction of the VIP ULT Freezerincludes our most advanced insulation system, VIP PLUS, which enables a reduction in the insulation required by approximately one half compared to conventional systems. In addition, the Freezers feature our patented revolutionary vacuum insulation cabinet construction that reduces wall thickness to create even greater storage capacity. Use of VIP PLUS material on the front, left, and right sides means that a smaller installation space is required. As a result, VIP ULT Freezers have an exceptional storage capacity to footprint ratio.

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“Compact and energy efficient.”

What makes our VIP ULT Freezers so easy-to-use?

Our VIP ULT Freezer feature highly effective user-interfaces, including monitoring systems, and alarms, and clear and specific user protocols. There are no special requirements that need consideration before purchasing a VIP ULT Freezer. Space for the equipment must, of course, be available. Other than that, a normal 230V electrical socket is all that is required to run one.

What makes our VIP ULT Freezer so efficient?

The Freezer include advanced VIP PLUS insulation, which enables a reduction in the insulation required by approximately one half compared to conventional systems.

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