Ultra Low Temperature Freezers (-150°C/-86°C)

Ultra Low Temperature Freezers (-150°C/-86°C)

Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) freezers are specifically designed for cold storage of bio samples down to -80°C, or -150°C.

These specialized freezers are key to the success of many applications in bioscience. Maintaining extremely low temperatures with precision and stability is vital for storage of sensitive bio samples containing molecules, such as proteins that are denatured at normal temperatures. These samples are valuable and sometimes irreplaceable and must be kept in a specific environment.

The temperature range required for secure sample storage depends upon the sample type. While a regular (commercial) freezer has a temperature range of -30°C to 0°C, Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) Freezers are designed for a range of -86°C to -40°C, and cryogenic ULT freezers are capable of achieving temperatures down to -150°C. The technology, materials and refrigerants used for each of these three broad categories of freezer differs.


Overall, ULT Freezers need to meet rigorous standards and comply with all key certifications. To reach the required temperatures and maintain a uniform environment, they require powerful freezing capacity with back-up; specialised protective insulation; fast temperature recovery; highly effective user-interfaces, including doors, monitoring systems, and alarms; and clear and specific user protocols.

And in today’s challenging laboratory climate, they need to provide a minimal environmental footprint, energy efficiency, ease-of-use, and maintenance, as well as features to ensure operator safety.

PHCbi’s ULT freezers are well-established and well-respected products in the world of life sciences. They are renowned for their accuracy, reliability, and stability.

With more than 30 years of expertise and experience, PHCbi is synonymous with quality in ULT Freezers. We have developed ‘game-changing’ technology in this realm in response to growing demand for ULT storage solutions following medical and scientific advances. For example, we introduced the world’s first -152°C ULT Freezer in 1991. And we continue to invest in ongoing development of ULT solutions.

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Type of ULT Freezers

TwinGuard ULT Freezers

Our TwinGuard ULT Freezers achieve temperatures of down to -86°C and feature double security for extremely valuable samples, such as those in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector, research institutes or blood and tissue banks. n one cooling circuit.

Cryogenic ULT Freezers

Our Cryogenic ULT Freezers are specially designed for temperatures down to -150°C for applications with living cells, such as:

Freezer failure significantly increases the risk of losing a unique, irreplaceable, or potentially life-saving collection of samples, which could halt promising research, delay medical treatments, or cause substantial financial losses, as well as an administrative nightmare. PHCbi developed Dual Cooling technology specifically to greatly reduce this risk.

TwinGuard ULT freezers provide an unparalleled level of safety and added peace of mind through the use of two independent refrigeration systems that reliably maintain an ultra-low temperature environment, even if an unexpected failure should occur in one cooling circuit.

  • Tissue and cells used in stem cell therapy.

  • Blood products.

  • Mesenchymal stromal cells for regenerative medicine and tissue engineering.

  • Cancerous tissue samples.

  • Semen for artificial insemination in animals.

  • Oocytes and embryos for IVF.

  • Plant seeds/shoots for breeding.

  • Components for shrink fitting of parts in industrial manufacturing.

  • Temperature testing of parts in the automotive and aerospace industry

VIP ECO ULT Freezers

Our VIP ECO ULT Freezers achieve temperatures of -86°C while providing an energy efficient, environmentally friendly ULT storage solution.

PHCbi first developed ECO line solutions featuring advanced hydrocarbon refrigerant technology over a decade ago to provide its customers with energy-efficient and environmentally friendly cold storage equipment options. Now, together with the outstanding insulation of VIP insulation, these technologies are available in PHCbi ultra-low temperature freezers.

FrostLess ULT Freezers

Our FrostLess -86°C Upright Freezers with reduced frost build-up on the inner doors. Provides optimum sample storage capacity within a compact footprint combined with natural refrigerants to minimise energy consumption, reduce environmental impact and save money

Find out more about PHCbi’s VIP ECO ULT Freezer range:

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PRO ULT Freezers

Our PRO ULT Freezers cool at -86°C and are ideal for long-term preservation of biologicals, blood components and various cell lines.

Hybrid Water Cooled Freezers

Our Hybrid Water Cooled Freezers can cool to -150°C and feature hybrid water cooled technology that together with VIP insulation, improves compressor efficiency.

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