TwinGuard ULT Freezers (-86°C)

TwinGuard ULT Freezers (-86°C)

TwinGuard ULT freezers are specially designed to achieve and maintain temperatures down to -86°C and feature double security for valuable biological samples. They provide an unparalleled level of safety and added peace of mind through the use of two independent refrigeration systems.

They are particularly useful for short- and longer-term storage of biosamples, such as those in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector, research institutes or blood and tissue banks. Biological materials must be kept safe under specific conditions, as they are valuable, unique, and often irreplaceable. They can play a key role in scientific breakthroughs, not just for today, but also in tomorrow’s research.

Our TwinGuard ULT freezers are well-established and well-respected products in the world of life sciences. They are renowned for their accuracy, reliability, and stability.

With continued growth of research in life sciences, TwinGuard ULT Freezers have become the -86°C ULT Freezer of choice for many labs. And, in the Covid-19 pandemic, they have proved invaluable in the logistics and storage of certain Covid-19 vaccines for use in public health campaigns across the world.

While freezer failure is unlikely, losing a unique, irreplaceable, or potentially life-saving collection of biosamples could halt promising research, delay medical treatments, or cause substantial financial losses, as well as administrative problems. PHCbi developed Dual Cooling technology more than a decade ago, specifically to greatly reduce this risk. that reliably maintain an ultra-low temperature environment, even if an unexpected failure should occur in one cooling circuit.

The first TwinGuard ULT Freezer was launched by PHCbi in 2010. Following its success, a larger volume model was introduced in 2011. Since then, customers from all over the world have benefitted from the added assurance, capacity, and advanced features of the Freezers.

The unique functionality of Dual Cooling is achieved through the use of two, completely independent, auto-cascade systems– the compressors, evaporators, and cooling fans of the two systems operate separately from each other. Two efficient evaporator circuits surround the interior chamber in a strategically designed arrangement to ensure the highest levels of temperature uniformity with either one or both of the refrigeration systems functioning.

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What makes our TwinGuard ULT Freezers so reliable?

We use high quality compressors, which are incorporated in the freezing unit. In addition, the Freezers have two independent refrigeration systems. In the unlikely event that one cooling system should fail, the backup cooling system will maintain freezer temperature. This TwinGuard dual cooling technology differs significantly from conventional cascade refrigeration technology in fundamental design and operation and offers a level of ultra-low temperature back-up that cannot be achieved by conventional cascade systems.

What makes our TwinGuard ULT Freezers so safe?

Our TwinGuard ULT Freezers meet rigorous standards and comply with all key certifications. They offer the ultimate in safety for samples due to dual cooling technology.

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What makes our TwinGuard ULT Freezers so efficient?

PHCbi was the first company in the world to introduce vacuum insulation panels to ULT Freezers. Our patented VIP vacuum insulation is a high-efficiency design that provides outstanding insulation and yields more interior storage volume in a conventional freezer footprint. Overall, our TwinGuard ULT Freezers have a small footprint.

What makes our TwinGuard ULT Freezers so flexible?

The TwinGuard ULT Freezer range includes chest and cabinet models in various capacities from 360L to 729L. Flexible shelving options provides easy and adaptable access to samples.

What makes our TwinGuard ULT Freezers so easy-to-use?

All our TwinGuard ULT Freezers feature highly effective user-interfaces, including doors, monitoring systems, and alarms, and clear and specific user protocols. Flexible shelving options provides easy and adaptable access to samples. There are no special requirements that require consideration before purchasing TwinGuard ULT Freezer. Space for the equipment must of course be available, other than that, a normal 230V electrical socket is all that is required to run one.

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