Introducing NEW ULT Members

VIP ECO SMART ULT Freezers (-86°C)

PHCbi introduces the new MDF-DU503VH-PE & MDF-DU703VH-PE VIP ECO SMART -86°C to -40°C upright freezers, along with conventional Password Protection, now offers Face Recognition, and NFC Authentication, coupled with an Electric Lock for enhanced access control. Energy-saving is also further improved by using natural refrigerants combined with inverter compressor.

Industry’s Lowest Energy consumption

This freezer delivers lower energy consumption without compromising performance. The VIP ECO SMART uses 30% less energy compared with existing models.

  • 5.4 kWh/day, at -80°C

  • 4.4 kWh/day, at -70°C

Controlled Freezer Access

Know who entered the freezer and when. Track how long the door was open. 4 Ways to Lock; Facial recognition, Keypad. Proximity card (Optional) or Unique individual key.


FrostLess ULT Freezers (-86°C)

The New MDF-DU500ZH-PE and MDF-DU700ZH-PE FrostLess -86°C Upright Freezers with reduced frost build-up on the inner doors. Provides optimum sample storage capacity within a compact footprint combined with natural refrigerants to minimise energy consumption, reduce environmental impact and save money.

FrostLess Technology

The improved packing, insulation materials , and the heated pipe frame of the inner door gasket result in reduced manual labor for freezer maintenance. Less ice will build up on the inner doors and the need for defrosting the freezer is reduced.

Reducing Frost Growth

The new FrostLess freezers from PHCbi minimise frost build up and with that the time needed for regular maintenance. Reducing frost buildup is critical for smooth running of the freezer, accessibility of the samples and preventing damage of samples.

Discover the FrostLess ULT Freezers

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