Cryogenic ULT Freezers (-150°C)

The most uniform storage temperatures for cryopreservation solutions

Cryogenic ULT freezers are specially designed to achieve and maintain temperatures down to -150°C for preservation of biological samples that contain living cells. They are particularly useful for long-term storage of samples, such as embryos, ova, stem cells, mammalian tissues, plasma components including blood cells, plant cells and seeds.

With research in biosciences intensifying in areas, such as biomedicine, regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, plant sciences and environmental sciences, effective long-term preservation of biological samples has become increasingly important in many labs.


Biosamples must be safely and effectively stored as they are valuable, unique, and often irreplaceable. They can play an important role in scientific breakthroughs, not just for today, but in tomorrow’s research. Industry also has some need for cryogenic freezing solutions, for example, in temperature testing or shrink-fitting of parts in the automotive, aerospace and manufacturing industries.

Our cryogenic ULT freezers are well-established and well-respected products in the worlds of life sciences and industry. They are renowned for their accuracy, reliability and stability.

PHCbi has always provided innovative products to support cutting-edge science. We introduced the world’s first -152°C Cryogenic ULT Freezer in 1991, in response to the emerging needs of scientists at the time. We have remained at the forefront of life sciences for over 30 years, as leading suppliers of advanced lab technology through continual innovation in ULT solutions.

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“PHCbi is synonymous with quality in ULT Freezers.”

What makes our Cryogenic ULT Freezers so accurate?

We recognize how critical it is for ULT freezers to maintain specific temperatures with high accuracy for the protection of biosamples. Our Cryogenic -150°C ULT Freezers employ advanced technology that ensures a high precision temperature environment at all times. They are designed for fast temperature recovery.

What makes our Cryogenic ULT Freezers so safe?

Our Cryogenic -150°C ULT Freezers meet rigorous standards and comply with all key certifications

For many years, liquid nitrogen was used for cryogenic freezing. While liquid nitrogen systems can be used as a back-up option with our cryogenic freezers, they have been designed to provide appropriate cooling mechanically. This provides a safer and more convenient alternative to liquid nitrogen tanks.

What makes our Cryogenic ULT Freezers so easy-to-use?

All our Cryogenic -150°C ULT Freezers feature highly effective user-interfaces, including doors, monitoring systems, and alarms, and clear and specific user protocols.

What makes our Cryogenic ULT Freezers so flexible?

There is more than one back-up option for operation of the Freezers. These different options utilize liquid nitrogen.

What makes our Cryogenic ULT Freezers so efficient?

PHCbi was the first company in the world to introduce vacuum insulation panels to ULT Freezers. Our patented VIP vacuum insulation is a high-efficiency design that provides outstanding insulation and yields more interior storage volume in a conventional freezer footprint. Overall, our Cryogenic -150°C ULT Freezers have a small footprint and have also been designed for low noise.

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